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Bodyline Clinic, the North West’s number one prescription weight loss company, is transforming lives with successfully guiding over 300 people in Stoke-on-Trent to achieve their weight loss goals since opening their doors only a matter of months ago.

Based on Festival Park, the women-owned weight loss business, which is the only UK organisation to hold both CQC and Home Office regulated status, are feeling the love from the Stoke community since they arrived.

“The Stoke opening came from Bodyline customers asking for a clinic to be on their doorstep. We saw many clients travelling some distance to visit us and as a business, we always listen to feedback and saw a gap in the market in Stoke. We have had a great welcome and feel very much at home since we opened our doors last year”, says Managing Director Sally Turner, who has owned and grown the business since she opened her first clinic over 15 years ago.

Each clinic is operated by a medical team that is overseen by the clinical director who is also an NHS consultant in public health.

The clinics offer advice and guidance on lifestyle, nutrition, diet and exercise, with each client receiving a tailored weight-loss plan and weight-loss-aid medication to enable them to achieve their weight loss goals.

Sally continued: “We welcome people from all walks of life through our doors, but they all have one thing in common, they’re lifelong dieters who are struggling with their weight. They have often exhausted all other usual routes and are still unable to shift those pounds. With our team of 25 clinicians, doctors and nurses we have the right skills, knowledge and products to help people lose the weight for good in a safe environment.”

Tracy Ritchings, clinic manager, at Stoke said: “We have already received such brilliant feedback from our clients, and we can proudly say we have helped them wave goodbye to total of 70 stone since we opened, and we look forward to adding to that ongoing total in every clinic session.”

“We know that hunger is such a huge factor in why diets continue to fail, but with our medication we can guarantee the pangs of hunger don’t exist, enabling those who have battled with their weight for most of the lives the chance to turn it around with our ongoing support.

“At Bodyline we are also at the forefront of developing high quality supplements, with our inhouse pharmacists designing and expanding our range of wellness products – such as our recently launch B12 and D3 sprays. We’ve also seen lots of excitement around our new weight loss injection, Bodyline’s SlimPen, also known as Saxenda, with individuals losing weight quicker and easier than ever before.”


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