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Let's Do MentoringNewERDF

Are you an SME based in Staffordshire? If so, our mentoring scheme could be for you.

Whether you're a pre-start, start-up or existing business you can benefit from having a mentor.

The primary role of a mentor is to provide support and guidance to business leaders. In a mentoring situation, the mentor provides the conduit for the transference of skills and knowledge.

Mentoring provides you with non-judgmental support based on your situation. Our mentors sign up to the programme because they have a wish to share their extensive skills and knowledge to give something back to the people and to the area they live in. It is less of a formalised professional relationship and more of a partnership.

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Mentoring Benefits

A mentor may have been through the same situations that you are currently dealing with, and will look to share their wisdom with you based on their experiences.

They will listen to your issues and encourage you to generate solutions and create strategies which will help your business to flourish.

There are a myriad of commercial disciplines that can be addressed including the following:

  • Sales and Marketing including e-marketing
  • Social Media and SEO
  • Funding and Finance

Plus many more!


Case Studies Resize

Case Studies

Read about the benefits of mentoring.

Meet the Mentors

We have a highly skilled team ready to support you.

Become a Mentor

Are you an experienced in your field and want to give something back?

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