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Our Start-up Programme

Our national award winning, five stage, fully funded, business start-up programme provides aspiring entrepreneurs the platform to succeed through training, support, advice and commercial investment.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can access a series of workshops, at no cost, covering the fundamentals of business including business planning, cashflow forecasting and marketing.

You will also be able to have one to one meetings with an experienced business adviser, who provides advice and guidance to ensure your business starts off on a strong footing.

These workshops and one to ones are designed to provide you with the tools to be successful in business.

Start-up Flow Diagram

To start your journey on our 5 stage Business Start-Up programme, call us today on 01782 202222 and use extension number 200 for Reception.

Build Your Own Business

Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce can help you with a root-and-branch review of your business through professional and practical workshops, guided activities and one-to-one support which will challenge you to help move your new business forwards.

Supported by European Social Funding, our full 46+ hour programme can be accessed with a one-off payment of £120 inc VAT. 

We’re proud of all the businesses we’ve helped. Below is some of their comments about our programme

“The support from Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce has been amazing, they have helped me to think about managing the business rather than just working for it"

Kelly Copeland - Cool Cat Collars

"Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce were invaluable in helping me to set up my business. The open, honest and knowledgeable advice was vital in helping me navigate the world of starting a business"

Roger Whitehouse, Horizon Teaching

"I would have no absolutely no hesitations in referring a friend or colleague to the Chamber of Commerce, and actually have suggested a number of my patients to contact them for support"

Ben Roberts, Cedar Tree Chiropractic

Supporting Documentation and useful links

Business Plan Template - Maxi 

Mini Business Plan - Template 

Cash Flow Template

Detailed Financial Forecast Doc

Free Start Up Guides

Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce

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