All of your staff members can now have their own account on the Staffordshire Chambers’ website. This will allow everyone to access the Virtual Members Lounge and book events as individuals. To allow us to switch to this new system, all accounts registered before 01/06/21 will be deleted from the website.

Importantly, we must have your details on our system otherwise you will not be allowed to register. This is particularly important for your staff members whose details are not on our system.

We know you're incredibly busy so we've tried to make this as quick as possible. Complete the survey below with updated details of all your employees, or forward the link to your staff and ask them to fill in their details and we will be in touch!



Why Staffordshire Chambers?

Working at the Chamber, you will have a career, not a job, and will be part of a powerful regional growth engine.

We are always looking for more talented people to join us and strengthen our growing team. Our vision relates to every aspect of being an exemplary employer, and specifically to the ways in which the Chamber seeks to invest in young people, as well as helping other employers think strategically about growing their workforce.

Current Roles

There are no roles available at the moment, please check again soon.