Covid-19 Risk assessment and management guide for the return to work

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Quest, the Chambers partner in HR and legal services, have put together a template Covid-19 risk assessment and management guide for offices.

By using the step-by-step guide and completing the assessment you will have everything in place to ensure the safety of your employees, customers and suppliers.

The risk assessment is not designed to provide a complex ‘paper chase exercise.’ It is designed for you to make a simplified assessment of workplace activities to help you decide on the best methods of controlling the significant risks presented to your workforce and/or your business. By following the simple steps in the guide, you will be able to formulate your risk assessment.

It covers all the essentials including cleaning, hygiene measures, social distancing, PPE and Covid-19 testing and symptoms. Colour coding in red, yellow and green highlights the severity of risk and helps you to prioritise.

The management guide and risk assessment are available to all members as via the Quest portal. You will need your username and password to access the guides.  Visit

If you need a reminder of your username and password, contact:

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