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Customs Declarations

Customs Declarations

In the Government’s own words Completing a customs declaration is complicated and you may need software. So you may want to get someone to deal with customs for you. At Staffordshire Chambers we have spent the last 18 months training staff to ensure that we are ready to act as Customs Agents for companies who need a reliable, trusted partner to clear their goods through customs.


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Now that the UK has left the EU/ Customs Union it is anticipated that there will be an additional 400 million Customs Declarations required each year at a cost to industry of £13bn. Many companies who trade solely with the EU do not have the knowledge, software or capacity to deal with the new customs regime. It is imperative that companies understand the level of complexity and what is required to ensure that trade with the EU stays as constant as possible. We are well placed to handle all your customs declarations with an experienced team who process 1000’s of import and export declarations every year. This includes the facility to process T1 Transit documents, which many freight forwarders are not in a position to complete.