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Customs Declarations

Customs Declarations

We can process Customs Declarations for you! It doesn’t matter whether or not your business is Staffordshire based we can process your import/ export customs declarations, including T1 Transit Documents. Our team is highly skilled, experienced and processes 1000’s of declarations for companies all over the UK. We are price competitive and you have the reassurance of working with a trusted brand in ChamberCustoms one of the largest Customs Agents in the UK. For more information please email: chambercustoms@staffordshirechambers.co.uk


01782 224405

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Now that the UK has left the EU/ Customs Union it is anticipated that there will be an additional 400 million Customs Declarations required each year at a cost to industry of £13bn. Many companies who trade solely with the EU do not have the knowledge, software or capacity to deal with the new customs regime. It is imperative that companies understand the level of complexity and what is required to ensure that trade with the EU stays as constant as possible. We are well placed to handle all your customs declarations for both import and export. This includes the facility to process T1 Transit documents, which many freight forwarders are not in a position to complete.