Europe Direct Information Centre

A Europe Direct Information Centre (EDIC) is your local information contact point on Europe.

There is a network of EDICs that will engage on EU topics of relevance to the public at local and regional level, promote dialogue on EU issues and cooperate with other EU or local information networks and contact points. Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce are working with the European Commission to deliver the Staffordshire Europe Direct Information Centre.

Locally, business confidence in the Brexit negotiations has been relatively low, and this lack of confidence has led to nervousness about exporting and importing, both inside and outside of Europe. In addition, businesses have also voiced concern regarding access to skilled and non-skilled workforces after 2019, with their being genuine worry from local EU nationals about their rights post-Brexit. The Europe Direct Information Centre (EDIC) for Staffordshire will help deal with this uncertainty in a positive and proactive manner, providing business support for employers and employees on their citizens rights and the work of the European Commission during the Brexit process.

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