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Staffordshire Chamber’s International Trade Team is celebrating after helping Staffordshire companies export more than £250 million pounds worth of goods to 115 countries.

That’s £50 million pounds more than last year and 15 extra countries.

The team help companies, from all sectors with advice, and support on the exporting process from start to finish. They work to ensure local companies trade with countries from Abu Dhabi to Zimbabwe and just about everywhere in between.

While the UK is currently in the European Union, companies exporting to Europe don’t need any documentation, because its free trade – that may change depending on what happens with Brexit.

Staffordshire Chambers is encouraging businesses to think about moving into new markets abroad and can support them with the relevant documentation, training, translation services and ensuring companies are legally compliant.

Staffordshire Chambers’ Head of International Trade, Robert Lawley, says the uncertainty of Brexit has helped lead to a boom in export to other countries. He said: “There is a feeling of making hay while the sun shines because there’s so much uncertainly of what will happen to the economy, when we leave Europe. That coupled with the fact that sterling is weak, which makes it cheaper to export, has led to at least a 20% increase in the goods we’ve helped Staffordshire companies export. This is great news for the local economy and for us as a chamber.”

He added: “I’d encourage any business that is thinking of either exporting for the first time or would like to enter into new markets abroad to contact our team as we can advise them on how to begin exporting and how to build their business overseas.”

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