Finest Focus: Angela Henry

Who are you are what do you do?

Angela Henry Director at M&M Vehicle Repairs (inc. Fix Auto Stoke & North Staffs) which is part of the M&M Group. My role is quite diverse, I am involved in the Business Development, I manage and oversee Key Accounts and contracts with Insurance, Commercial partners, Fleets and Local Business. I look after our Front of House and Customer Service, including Recruiting and Training. I am Vice President of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Stoke and work with Local Brokers. We have a long standing Apprenticeship program and I sit on the Partnership Board with Local Schools and Academy’s. I always say I am lucky because despite having good days and bad days (which is quite normal) I actually love what I do.


At M&M Vehicle Repairs – we specialise in repairing damaged vehicles and we do this for direct Retail Customers, as well being the Approved Repair for Insurers and also carry over 16 Manufacturer Approvals – what does that mean? It means we are experts in our field, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle has been repaired correctly and safely, back to manufacturing standards, by our Qualified Technicians.


Why is being a member of Finest important to you?

Being part of the Finest is about developing soft skills and I personally don’t think this should be under estimated. Finest helps with networking which in turn creates the opportunity to build relationship and connections. I know a lot of people don’t like walking into a room, especially if they don’t know anyone, well my trick has always been to imagine you are hosting your own party, so first of all and most importantly – you have every right to be there. Hopefully by the end of it you have enjoyed it and next time you see some of those people, you will be familiar to each other.


Why are you a member of the Steering Group?

I am honoured to have been invited to join the steering group and lucky that I also get the support and encouragement from my business to do this. It has actually enabled me to increase my profile and in addition to getting involved with the “behind the scene” planning and events, it’s given me a greater understanding of just how hard everyone works to create the environment and platforms for businesses and individuals to engage and help each other where possible.

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