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As the world responds to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, in the IT world one thing has been made very clear – the rise in awareness and uptake of cloud services.

Upon commencement of ‘lockdown’ in the UK, we received 22x our daily average support desk calls in order to rapidly respond and get our clients up and running from home.

Fortunately, for some of our clients the transition to home working was simple; this was due to having a cloud infrastructure and remote desktop environment. What this means is that the whole company IT infrastructure can be accessed and managed via an online cloud portal.

Features and benefits of the Cloud:

– A portal into your whole infrastructure, that’s simple and easy to manage
– No hardware (off-premise servers that don’t need maintaining)
– Scalable meaning you can go up and down in resource as required
– Pay as you go payment plan
– Increased mobility, work from anywhere at any time
– No reliance on human interaction for Disaster Recovery and Backups
– Compliance under regulations such as GDPR
– Guaranteed uptime
– Extremely high levels of security

This pandemic has highlighted the importance of preparedness amongst businesses and how IT plays such an important role. Investment in your IT infrastructure is a necessity in this day in age and 65% of businesses believe that this pandemic has created a ‘new way of working’. Flexible / remote working was already becoming a huge part of modern life but is now expected to stick around for the long run.

For further advice and an assessment around whether this is in fact the right solution for you please get in touch. We’re currently offering FREE cloud readiness assessments for fellow Chamber members.

Tel: 01889 228439

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