Global Recycling Day: Alice Charity

Guest blog by Stephanie Bradbury of the Alice Charity

“Here at Alice, we contribute to recycling through our Pass it On and Bump and Beyond projects. Through these initiatives, we supply good quality, preloved furniture, white goods and baby items to families in need.

Sadly, many of the families that we support do not have even the most basic essential items and through recycling, we can ensure that they have what they need. Our families benefit enormously through these projects. Without a cooker it is impossible to provide children with healthy food, without a decent bed it is impossible to have a restful sleep and that can have an impact on learning and mental health, without a fridge or freezer the cost of keeping food fresh is higher and can lead to it being wasted. If you cannot provide essential items for your baby, it can be very stressful.

To find out more about the Alice Charity please follow the link below

Home – Alice Charity

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