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SkinQuest Stoke has finally opened its doors! The team of skincare experts, led by Jas Smith, owner of Jasmin Olivia Beauty, has had its first few clients through the door. Providing medical grade, results driven, skincare treatments to the ladies (and gents) of Stoke-on-Trent, it’s the company’s aim to deliver these in a way that feels accessible, friendly and inclusive for everyone.

SkinQuest’s owner, Jasmin Smith says “I am passionate about breaking down the stuffy, exclusive, image of the beauty and skincare industry and honestly believe that great skincare and treatments should be accessible to everyone. Having suffered with skin problems during my teenage years I know, only too well, how this can impact on self-esteem and confidence. I’m determined, through SkinQuest, to bring truly great skincare to a much wider, relevant audience.”

Having spent the best part of a decade providing beauty and skincare treatments to her already loyal client base, Jasmin says “We felt it was time for a company like ours to expand. Putting our clients emotional and physical wellbeing at the very heart of what we do, we will work with leading skincare brands such as Dermaquest and Elemis, to offer a really broad range of treatments including IPL (laser hair removal), microdermabrasion, skin re-surfacing and skin peels, all at our gorgeous new premises on Ridgehouse Drive.”

Jasmin first realised the opportunity to expand into Unit 7 after meeting Sally Turner, MD at Bodyline. A medical weight loss and wellness company, Bodyline was keen to attract another business into the building that would complement their own offering, and where the clinic, like SkinQuest, is designed to be accessible and friendly to all.

The team at SkinQuest are fortunate to have one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and training experts in microdermabrasion, IPL and Radio Frequency Treatments, SkinBase, nearby in Talke. Fellow chamber members, SkinBase, have been a great support, providing the team with the machines and the best possible training in the new treatments and therapies on offer. Moving forward, SkinQuest anticipates a much stronger collaboration as they grow and make full use of SkinBase’s Radio Frequency machine to help Bodyline clients who have lost skin elasticity after their weight loss.

Our open evening is the 17th of October and chamber members are invited to join us for a glass of bubbly to celebrate our official launch.

For more information please contact Jasmin Smith on 01782 281487 or email

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