Joint event proves a great success!

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Last month saw 40 Finest and Future Finest members come together to take on the Brampton Factor. This treasure hunt styled event tested the teams’ observational skills, puzzle solving skills and physical skills in the unique “Cell Block Challenge” (which took place in the actual cells!).

It was a perfect summer’s evening as the teams set off around the picturesque Brampton Park, the wooded Station Walks and the historic old police station on Water Street (which is where the cells were).

The treasure hunt was completed as teams then returned to the impressive Summit Hospitality where they put on their thinking caps to try and put the pieces together to solve the final conundrum.

The event was rounded off with a traditional BBQ before the winners were announced. It turned out to be very close with the winning team’s performance in the “Cell Block Challenge” proving to be the deciding factor.

Everyone who attended thought it was a huge success, as can be seen from this selection of the feedback comments:

  • I really enjoyed the challenge as I haven’t done anything like that before.
  • I thought it was absolutely brilliant.
  • It was a really useful informal way of meeting new people to network which was done in a really fun way.
  • Attractive location and a great opportunity to get to know people in a ‘different kind’ of situation.
  • Created a relaxed atmosphere for everyone to talk from all different businesses.

Rumour has it, due to this event’s success, something like it might be returning again next year…

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