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Langley Foxall has worked hard in curating a new product to address the current situation. We understand that businesses have two main objectives.

1. Business Continuity; including the ability to work remotely
2. Cash Flow Management; Reduce expenditure without impacting business continuity.

We want to address businesses that have legacy bespoke software systems and can relate to any of the following:
1. Don’t have the capability for remote working
2. Aren’t getting the critical support needed to protect business continuity.
3. Aren’t working efficiently to produce a productive environment when working from home.

We’ve developed a new product to battle these three issues businesses are facing, so if this speaks to you, the rest is well worth reading.

This new business continuity support product has 5 features:
– Cloud Transformation – (Where applicable) Take legacy systems into the cloud.
– Bug Reduction – Tackle up-time issues head-on, create a strategy for bug fixing with our top of the class development team.
– Server Cost Reduction – (Where applicable), we have partnerships with AWS, Azure, Google cloud giving us a competitive edge. We also use advanced scaling & load balancing techniques to improve server performance and reduce costs further.
– Ongoing Support – 24/7 Support Desk, with SLAs and a dedicated account manager.
– Zero Downtime Guarantee – We recognise the commercial importance of being online, so we’re putting a Zero downtime guarantee on all services rendered.

If you want to read more about this product click here

We understand that the top priority for businesses right now is to hunker down and reduce expenditure while maintaining their core business functions and that is exactly what we’re aiming to achieve. There is no smoke and mirrors, just top of the class knowledge in resource management, reducing bloat in code, manpower and hardware.

We’re that confident in our implementation, we’re wrapping both services in a guarantee to ensure zero downtime throughout the process.

Best of all, we’re offering completely free consultancy and a turnaround of 72 hours. so you have nothing to lose by getting in touch.

At Langley Foxall, we understand how the current economic climate is impacting your business. Over the coming weeks, we’re striving to ensure it’s business as usual.

If you want to find out more about how this can work for you then drop us an email or give us a call.
Gavin Perry
01785 220892

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