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Simple Shared Healthcare (SSHC) is a social enterprise based in Stoke-on-Trent and founded by Phil O’Connell. Their telehealth services are supporting patients’ health from Staffordshire to Australia, helping people self-care for their medical conditions.

Stoke-on-Trent IT innovator Phil O’Connell has spent years perfecting telehealth services supporting patients with health needs, from heart problems to mental health issues. SSHC’s systems, known as Flo, Annie and Nellie, were developed by Phil who then assigned the intellectual property to the NHS. Once a shared clinical management plan is configured, the simple and intuitive technology operates automatically, connecting patients to the friendly persona (Flo or Annie) using a mobile phone, apps, landline or Bluetooth devices.

After joining Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce earlier this year, Simple Shared Healthcare was made aware of the Chambers’ Let’s Do Mentoring programme and decided to take advantage of the free at the point of delivery mentoring hours available to any business in the county.

Phil was introduced to Tom Yeung, a volunteer mentor and owner of Success Management, which has worked with scores of companies to help with building successful businesses, change management and strategic development.

“We have grown organically and now needed guidance from our mentor to ensure we have the right structures to futureproof the business,” explains Phil. “Tom wanted me to feel like I could let go of some of the tasks within the business as we have an extremely talented team with the ability to take responsibility. A focus on revenue is critical as all income generated is reinvested for the benefit of patients.”

Phil and Tom have met regularly since Spring 2019. As the SSHC team are home workers, they have taken advantage of meeting room facilities at Staffordshire Chambers’ Commerce House, Festival Park, to hold whole team sessions with Tom.

“Our mentoring goal was to create a successful, long-term sustainable business,” says Tom. “I approached the mentoring with an open mind as I wanted to understand where Phil’s business needed to get to, what roles were people playing and whether there were any barriers to overcome. The scope of Simple Shared Healthcare is huge, and we identified that we needed to get the structure right.”

This mentoring support has helped Phil and his team develop a clear business plan, define job roles and responsibility, and focus on marketing and sales. “The mentoring has emphasised where we had gaps and allowed us to consider how to fill them,” says Phil.

The support from the Let’s Do Mentoring programme has helped Phil develop Simple Shared Healthcare so the business can continue to grow and succeed.

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