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Andy Cliffe, CEO of the M6toll, is making it his mission to ensure local businesses and commuters know that the road is for them, every bit as much as it is for through traffic and long distance drivers:

“There is a common misconception that the M6toll is only really for long distance traffic.  That means a lot of local drivers are missing out on the chance to save a great deal of time and stress, whether they’re going about their daily commute or travelling on business.”

“Each day 50,000 vehicles use the M6toll, as an alternative to the M6. But the road also helps drivers steer clear of some of the busiest stretches of the A5, the A38 and the A446.  Since we opened 15 years ago it’s done a lot to keep the region moving, but there’s much more we can do and so today we’re urging drivers across the region to complete our summer survey to help shape our next phase of product development.”

M6toll recently launched a range of ‘saver’ products primarily aimed at regular commuters.  ‘Hopper’ covers a weekly commute, and works out at £3.50 a trip.  Shuttle is capped at a weekly fee of £20 for unlimited short local journeys, and Return Pass cuts the price of a same day return by 20%.  An online advertising campaign is currently running to drive awareness of these new products, and will be followed by a bigger push in September, when the school holidays are over and traffic congestion is at its most severe.

“The time saved on the M6toll is up to 25 minutes each way.  Our customers avoid heavy traffic and get there on time, every time, because it’s predictable and reliable. That can be a real stress-buster for commuters at the start and end of a long day.

“Drivers choose the M6toll for a variety of reasons, and whilst many drivers pay the toll themselves, we’ve found an increasing number of employers cover the cost. The time savings really add-up, even for short journeys, so there’s a positive impact on productivity and staff welfare, even job satisfaction and staff retention where a lot of time is spent behind the wheel. This new study focuses on work-related trips and the needs of businesses, so we’re delighted to have the support of Chambers in reaching out to members so we can hear their views.

To have your say and complete the survey, simply click here: http://sgiz.eu/s3/M6toll-Businesses

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