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Even in the age of austerity, there are significant opportunities for businesses to supply the public sector. Access to public sector contracts can help businesses grow and create jobs. The Chamber continues to work to improve access and remove barriers to supplying the public sector. 

We Need:

  • Policy, strategy, procedures and requirements that encourage local SMEs to bid for public procurement opportunities from public sector buyers;
  • Training for SMEs on how to bid for public and private sector contracts;
  • Support for SMEs to collaborate on large contracts;
  • Improved advertising of contract opportunities;
  • Implementation of the Social Value Act in all public sector procurement.

Businesses to access support and training to improve their success rate in winning public and private sector contracts and to help identify any ongoing barriers at a local and national level.

The Chamber’s Business and Finance Forum looks to discuss these issues in great detail, helping to create our policy positions, lobby government and to provide awareness businesses on how to tackle future problems. Advancing public sector procurement is also an aim of the Chamber's new Social Value Forum. If you would like to get involved in either or both of these Forums, please click here.

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