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Businesses need access to land and premises to meet their growth aspirations. 

We Need:

  • An overhaul of the business rates system which impacts on costs and cashflow before a single penny of profit has been made;
  • Support for speculative commercial premises development to enable business growth and inward investment;
  • Grow-on space for small firms, good office accommodation throughout Staffordshire and a ready supply of employment land;
  • Local Planning Authorities to have sympathetic interpretation and implementation of policies and to minimise charges;
  • Local authorities to provide appropriate planning support to give businesses more constructive information in relation to planning applications; 
  • Encouragement for business to help regenerate areas through the development of Business Neighbourhood Plans.

Businesses to work with the Chamber, the Local Enterprise Partnership and local authorities to identify regulatory barriers to investment and to help identify solutions and opportunities.

The Chamber’s Planning Forums look to discuss these issues in great detail, helping to create our policy positions, lobby government and to provide awareness to businesses on how to tackle future problems. If you would like to get involved, please click here.

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