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Staffordshire firms are exporting goods, services and knowledge to markets around the globe, but there remains untapped potential.  

We Need:

  • Staffordshire Chambers, UKTI and other partners to raise awareness of the benefits of exporting;
  • More funding for export support programmes, specifically export vouchers; 
  • Improve the range of international trade skills in local workers;
  • More international trade skills within businesses, greater uptake of modern language skills in schools, and business undergraduate degrees to include more international trade modules;
  • Help for businesses to access practical information, networks and business facilities in overseas markets, with Staffordshire’s universities, international students and the BCC Overseas Business Network;
  • Support for businesses that, through necessity, have to import to export;
  • Stronger international trade links for Staffordshire to encourage business investment and inward investment;
  • Confidence over the UK’s ongoing relationship with the EU, our largest export market.

Businesses to take advantage of the support, training and funding available to grow their business through exporting, more firms trading internationally and a higher value of goods and services exported from Staffordshire.

The Chamber’s International Trade Forum looks to discuss these issues in great detail, helping to create our policy positions, lobby government and to provide awareness to businesses on how to tackle future problems. If you would like to get involved, please click here.

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