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There is no quick fix, and few easy answers, when it comes to increasing the skills of the existing workforce, transforming the funding mechanisms for education and training of young people, or supporting people into self-employment, but the Chamber is ideally-placed to work with partners to get to the heart of the solution.  

We Need:

  • Schools to ensure young people are equipped for the world of work, with functional literacy and numeracy skills and employability skills;
  • Careers advice tailored towards the needs of business, highlighting the opportunities for great careers in Staffordshire;
  • Schools to embrace links with employers to develop opportunities and offer experience of work to all young people in Staffordshire;
  • Ensure that sector specific skills are not lost to an ageing workforce through targeted employment engagement with young people;
  • More support for businesses to invest in apprenticeships, higher apprenticeships and workplace training;
  • Continuation of the Growth Hub as a co-ordinated and seamless information source for businesses on skills, innovation and enterprise;
  • A training solution for all work-based learning and apprenticeship enquiries;
  • Funding for services to support businesses from their second to fourth years of trading, to reduce the failure rate and help entrepreneurs to create new jobs; 
  • Help for SMEs to grow through innovation, with more support and action at a local level;
  • Drive business growth and innovation by maximising the benefits of higher education business skills.

Employers to continue to voice their needs and concerns on skills and work proactively with schools, colleges, universities, the Chamber and other partners to develop the skills, knowledge and talent for today’s and tomorrow’s workforce.

The Chamber’s HR Forum looks to discuss these issues in great detail, helping to create our policy positions, lobby government and to provide awareness to businesses on how to tackle future problems. If you would like to get involved, please click here.

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