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Whether you are a large established organisation or an expanding enterprise, Chamber Membership provides you with access to essential services designed to help your business develop.  

The Chamber Membership package has exclusive member only services with additional benefits for your business. 

We support all businesses, of all size and sector, through the different stages of their business life.

Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce is one of only 53 UK Chambers accredited by the British Chambers of Commerce.  

Being a member of an accredited Chamber ensures that your voice is heard by local,  national and European policy makers.  Our members are encouraged to take part in a quarterly economic survey, the results of which are delivered via British Chambers of Commerce to government policy decision making units.  

Our carefully negotiated range of services are selected to help your business develop in the following key areas:


The Chamber provides a range of opportunities designed to help you promote your business to members and their extended network of contacts.  Chamber events will introduce you to local businesses, help you forge new alliances, gain trusted suppliers and find potential new customers. Through membership of the Chamber you can also promote your business locally and nationally through a variety of media and PR opportunities.  Visit Benefits and Services  and Chamber Events


Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce supports all businesses, of all size and sector, through the different stages of their business life. Chamber business experts provide a range of services that add value to your business, reduce costs and support your staff.  Visit  Benefits and Services  

knowledge and skills

Learn new skills and empower your staff through a range of training opportunities by the Chamber. The Chamber runs a comprehensive range of courses at competitive prices designed to give business owners and their staff the best opportunities to increase business skills, keep on top of new legislation and secure additional custom.  Visit Training.

influence and action

As a Chamber Member, you are part of the British Chamber of Commerce Accredited Network. You are connected locally to a network of around 1,000 businesses, to a regional network of 11,500 businesses and a national network of 100,000 businesses. Collectively, Accredited Chambers exert a powerful influence on Government working to create a more favourable business environment for your business benefit.  The Chamber has a number of committee groups made up of members which focus on a range of specialist topics. Visit Influence & Action .

Sector Groups

The Chamber has a number of Sector Groups with additional specific member benefits. Visit Sector Groups


What our members say

I believe that the Chamber has benefits for all sizes of business, from one man bands to multinational. Whether it be networking on a local basis, international trade assistance and visits, or political representation, it is available from the Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce.


Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce