More than 1,000 students to benefit as Enlighten wins deal to provide Augmented Reality health services to the Regent College Group

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Innovative use of Augmented Reality has seen Tamworth tech company Enlighten win a major contract to support mental health awareness solutions for 1,200 students at a London Higher Education college group.

Enlighten are working with the Regent College Group to provide advice and information embedded into student ID cards and posters.

Based at the Tamworth Enterprise Centre, Enlighten develop Augmented Reality solutions in the corporate business, health and education sectors. Previous work with the Armed Forces has seen Enlighten embed important health messages on Post Traumatic Stress Disorders in posters for the British Armed Forces.

Now they have been recruited by the Wembley based Regent College Group to support mental health awareness programme, Mind Connect.

“It is a coup for us as we are a SME from Staffordshire working for a college group in the Capital city with five 5 campus’ and well over a thousand students,” said Enlighten’s Managing Director Suzanne Edwards. “We are a company which has a strong track record of developing tech for good and evidence shows our Augmented Reality mental health awareness application has provided effective support and signposted users to seek help.”

Tanya Tanna, Student Experience Manager, at the Regent College Group, said: “We wanted to reach out to our whole student body and needed innovative solutions. Enlighten have been fantastic, supplying inspirational ideas and constant support.

“Using Enlighten’s easy to access technology, students will be able to find lots of helpful information about how to take care of their emotional and financial wellbeing and where to seek help at any time. Students will have a special augmented reality code on their ID cards and, with the help of their smart phones, they will have access to mental health help 24/7 without necessity to talk to anyone, if they don’t want to.

“Augmented Reality provides immediate access and an engaging portal for our students to access bespoke, relevant student information, mental health support and a way to access the student support services whenever they need it.

“The areas of North London covered by Regent College has a diverse population with around 70% of our students originating from Eastern European families. Research shows that it can be difficult to talk about mental health issues in some of the communities involved but Enlighten has been able to provide engaging, highly visual content that students will find easy to access.

“Students can use their mobile phones to access the Augmented Reality content and find lots of helpful information about how to take care of their emotional and financial wellbeing and how to seek support.”

Each student is given a code with their ID cards. They can use their smart phones to access information about support services at any time.

Tanya added: “We are also going to promote our Student Support Centre services and a new programme called Thinking into Character. Our students will find links to the corresponding platforms on the college website.

“The project has passionate support at the college and we see the Augmented Reality programme as extremely useful for staff too, making a real, positive impact on staff who may be struggling in silence.”

Regent College Group has five campuses, providing business orientated Higher Education courses at HND and Degree level. Subjects include business management, marketing, entrepreneurship, software engineering, computing and health and social care.

Suzanne Edwards of Enlighten added: “Mental ill-health, including stress, depression and anxiety, is thought to be responsible for 91 million lost working days each year in the UK, more than for any other illness, costing workplaces £24 billion each year. By using Augmented Reality technology we can help organisations to reach staff and students who may not want to talk to a counsellor or visit a GP.”

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