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Businesses need predictable, reliable and affordable journey times to move their people, products and services. While Staffordshire benefits from excellent road and rail links, and close proximity to 4 international airports, the local economy needs on-going investment and enhanced connectivity. 

We Need:

  • Fast and reliable train services to the capital and major UK cities;
  • An effective, attractive and affordable bus service to serve the city and link residential areas with employment sites;
  • Increased capacity on the M6 motorway through Staffordshire, with safety improvements at Junctions 13 – 16, with infrastructure improvements to strategic routes and trunk roads, including the A500 and A50;
  • More national airport capacity, better use of regional airports and improved surface access links for Staffordshire firms;
  • An improved process for re-opening motorways following incidents, to minimise delays, disruption and costs to the local economy.

Businesses to support employees in reducing dependence on the private car, by encouraging agile working using smart technology and green travel options, to relieve pressure on business parking and reduce road traffic congestion.

The Chamber’s Transport Forum looks to discuss these issues in great detail, helping to create our policy positions, lobby government and to provide awareness businesses on how to tackle future problems. If you would like to get involved, click here.

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