New business venture off at a cantor

2021 has been a year of change for Penkridge-based mum of three Julia Jones who has stepped off the corporate merry-go-round to concentrate on building her own business that fits with her lifestyle and combines her passion for business improvement and training with her love of horses.

Julia, who has spent the last 16 years heading up training and education, most of that time spent working for a leading psychometric assessment firm, set up her own consultancy, Altezza People UK in March 2021.

Her new business offers business consultancy, planning, and training, specialising in leadership, teams, and sales. Clients also have the option of engaging in ‘equine facilitation’, a method of working through challenges, self-awareness and team dynamics that involves working with horses.

Julia said: “I have spent nearly two decades helping businesses improve performance and results of sales teams and leaders through developing soft competencies and emotional intelligence.

“I made a decision towards the end of February this year that I was going to launch my own business to fit in with my family. I Have two kids at Liverpool University and my youngest is just 10. He has learning challenges, so he benefits from me being closer to home rather than travelling around the country and abroad. We are building our equine business to help to support all businesses and teams offering an alternative way to spend high-value quality time together.

“The rationale behind Altezza people is to put the human back into digital to help people unlock sustainable results, a feeling of self-worth and accomplishment. I am already busy with an expanding list of clients.

“I have always loved and owned horses and so I introduced the option of equine facilitation. Horses are incredibly intuitive, picking up on emotions and reacting to how we respond in the ‘present moment.

“By partnering with horses, individuals and teams experience unfiltered responses as they work through their unique agendas. One thing is clear, when teams leave, they have better emotional connections and bonds with their peers. The change comes from the inside–out. Most traditional training works from knowledge from the outside working inwards. The shift in self-awareness and our responses to others changes instantly and stays with us easily.”

Julia added:  “Because my business plan was well advanced, I was fast-tracked to startup advisor Aly Davidson and growth advisor, Richard Brace. Both Richard and Aly have been amazingly supportive, helping me to set up my business and giving help with all the practicalities I needed. I have also accessed funding, that I would never have known about, which supported my professional qualifications.

“As a self-employed person, being a part of the Chambers feels like you have a full support network behind you. I am always an email or call away from advice and signposting and the support and guidance from Aly and Richard and the Chamber team is always there if I need it.”

Aly Davidson said: “I am really pleased that things are working out so well for Julia. She had all the elements ready to start her business and lockdown provided her with the opportunity and the impetus to develop her business and get ready to trade.

” Julia knew exactly what she wanted but we were able to help her with the practicalities and we are here to help as the business develops and grows.”

If you are thinking of starting a business and would like to discuss your plans, contact or call 01782 202222.

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