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Opening Up To Business Opportunities in USA


We have linked together in cooperation with Silverstone, DIT and the US Commercial Service supported in turn by a panel of expert speakers.
This one off webinar will be an experience not to be missed with and outstanding panel of experts to talk you through everything DIT, Automotive sector and doing business internationally. Lead by Dr Frank Dr Frank Levene, Principal Partner at Blue Link Worldwide, Inc.

Why Join In?
– If you are interested in hearing about the support that the Department for International Trade and the Chamber of Commerce can provide.
– You are interested in the work they do at Silverstone Racecourse
– You are looking to do business with USA
However a key reason to attend is we are bringing together experts that cover all the most frequent questions such as: when do I need to set up a US legal entity, type of enterprise, route to market, tax exposure, securing a visa and navigating immigration, branding, insurance coverages, hiring and compensation strategies.
Larger companies may or may not have the resources to resolve internally. Mid Cap and SME’s will not most likely.
A great number of companies have a US export  business and wish to go the next level and establish a US presence as a platform for growth, the UK has $500bn invested in the US, whilst  the US have $500bn invested in the UK, which in turn is by far the largest mutual investment of any 2 countries globally.
Automotive is a key UK sector, alongside advanced manufacturing, renewables, aviation, defence, life sciences, media, entertainment and services.. The USA is the big prize!

To book onto this event, please follow the below link – Opening Up To Business Opportunities In USA (cw-chamber.co.uk)

Thursday 26th May at 2:30pm – 4:30pm


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