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PR on a Shoestring

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PR on a Shoestring 

You see an article in your newsfeed. The local plumbing business is celebrating its 10th birthday in the community. As you scroll through the heartwarming article you read about how they grew from working from their kitchen table to a shop in town with 15 employees. With this milestone, they’re now taking on apprentices from the college to nurture budding talent and provide jobs.

How would you feel after reading that story? When your boiler breaks, you’re probably going to think of them.

If you’re not taking advantage of PR, you’re missing a key opportunity to raise awareness of your business, generate leads, attract investors, recruit talent, and more! 

People buy from people, not businesses so creating and growing your relationship with consumers is a must-have. Used as part of your marketing toolbox, PR is great for getting you in front of audiences that you don’t have already have access to.

But how do you do this when you don’t have the budget to get outside help? 

In this webinar we’ll cover:

– How to write a good press release
– How to go about getting your press releases published

About the Speaker – Megan Iredale Bio

Megan Iredale is a freelance copywriter and digital marketer who works with businesses all over the world to connect with and educate audiences to sell their products and services. Along with much of the UK, Megan was placed on furlough in March 2020 and decided to build something for herself. After moving to Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce whilst working on her own business part-time, Megan made the move to full-time freelancer in October 2021. With experience in both B2B (business2business) and B2C (business2consumer) marketing, Megan has worked with many industries including arts marketing, business coaching, trades & construction, health & wellbeing, and martech.

Thursday 19th May at 10:00am – 11:30am


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