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Re-tuning in… to yourself, your team, and your business through building emotional intelligence

£30.00 exc. VAT

Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce is offering a unique opportunity to attend a ground-breaking series of workshops with the aim to put your life and your business back on track and moving forwards in a positive direction following the total disruption caused by the Covid pandemic.

The programme will be presented by Christine Gilbert who is a self-described leadership coach and chief encourager. Christine runs the transformational coaching company, Plum Happy.

Christine said: “We have all just been through unprecedented times on a personal and business level. Now is the time to face up and accept that life as we knew it has changed. We have a choice to drop everything and run or face everything and rise. “To put it simply the workshops are about getting participants to accept what has changed and giving them the tools to adapt and thrive. There won’t be any fluffy business jargon, it is about being practical, pragmatic and inclusive”

The programme will major on the channelling of emotional intelligence (EQ), i.e., the stuff we can learn. It is said that emotional intelligence is 85 percent of success whilst IQ is 15 percent.

Emotional intelligence comprises; self-awareness; emotional management; motivation (getting things done) and empathy and relationships.

The programme kicks off on Wednesday 22nd September and will feature one workshop following on the third Tuesday of each month for a year. Sessions will commence at 9.30am with coffee and networking followed by a one-hour workshop.

Sara Williams, CEO of Staffordshire Chambers said: “I have known Christine for several years and she is a brilliant motivator and encourager. Her delivery style leaves you determined to get the best out of yourself, and she teaches you how to make your past improve your future and then draws out people’s inner strength and hidden talents.” 


9.30am – Open and Networking
10.00am – 11.00am – Workshop
11.00am – 12.00pm  – Networking

Full List of Workshops:

October 2021 – Bouncebackability – the opportunity to assess your wellbeing against 8 priority areas and to identify some small changes which can help you make progress towards taking control and accomplishing positive changes which will improve personal motivation and self-belief.

November 2021 – Values and guiding principles – the opportunity to clearly identify you own values, the things you live by and what is important to you and then to define your guiding principles – the things we say to ourselves to get us through!

December 2021 – 10-year exercise – looking back at the last 10 years what have we learned and looking forward what would be different and how can we make that happen more clearly and easily.

January 2022 – Review 2021 – the opportunity to reflect on the year and what it has meant to you? What did you enjoy? How did you grow? What got in the way and much more…

February 2022 – Best year ever? – the first few workshops have identified things we want to achieve, be clearer about ourselves and our needs. Setting goals and writing them down make them 33 times more likely to happen!

March 2022 – What makes us tick? – getting under the skin of what drives us and what that means and to understanding ourselves our colleagues and clients so we can adapt and let go of what holds us back.

April 2022 – What is emotional intelligence? – EQ is 85 percent of our success – FACT! What is it and how can we measure what appears an intangible subject!

May 2022 – Positive influencing skills – being influential in all aspects of life is a truly effective and exciting opportunity! How do we influence ourselves and others to get to a win-win. position?

June 2022 – Outstanding communication – so often I hear about how difficult and how bad ‘we are’ at communication. Using active listening, learn how to communicate with confidence.

July 2022 – The Leadership wheel – Understand the eight elements of a successful leader and score your performance. Identify the elements to work on which will really impact the way you lead yourself and others.

August 2022 – All change! – one thing is for sure change is a constant in our lives. Understand the change curve and using Kotter’s eight steps of change work through a change which will have a positive impact in your world.

September 2022 – Courageous conversations – managing conflict personally and professionally is one of the toughest areas of life. 90 percent of conflict is caused by ‘tone of voice’ Understand how asserting your needs clearly, with consideration to others needs can change the conversation!

The programme consists of 12 sessions, one each month starting in October 2021 and you can purchase these individually as they are all stand alone workshops or as a full 12 session course (pay for 10 sessions get 2 free), prices are stated below.

Member Price – £25 plus vat (£30) per workshop or £250 plus vat (£300) for all (Please log on to see discounted price)
Non- Member Price – £30 plus VAT (£36) peworkshop or £300 plus vat (£360) for all 12
If interested in purchasing all 12 courses instead, please email –

Tuesday 16th August at 9:30am – 12:00pm


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