SDG 12 Focus with TopCashback

As part of our focus throughout July on SDG 12, Responsible Consumption and Production, we’ve teamed up with Stafford-based firm, TopCashback, who’ve written a guest blog on how they are reducing their impact on the environment. 

TopCashback have three offices located in the UK – London, Bolton, and Stafford. The latter is considered our main HQ. The main impact our business operations have on the environment are the carbon dioxide emissions generated due to the energy required to run our offices, devices, and servers.

We have implemented measures into our different UK offices to reduce our environmental impact. The below are some of our current efforts but we are always looking for more ways to improve. We have a Green Task Force dedicated to helping with these efforts:

  • Using power suppliers who are 100% renewable energy
  • Using 100% or 99% non-landfill waste management contractors
  • Wherever possible using environmentally friendly suppliers for general office supplies
  • Using water meters and water shut off timers to prevent leaks or system malfunctions causing major damage and wasting water
  • Using contractors who manage the disposal of our IT equipment by refurbishing 85% and then donating to charities and community projects
  • Using LED light bulbs to save on energy consumption and movement sensors (applicable to 95% of the Stafford office)
  • Surplus office furniture is donated to charities for free
  • Inputting various recycling procedures (via our Green Team workforce)
  • We have joined the global ‘Race to Zero’ campaign by committing to Net Zero on the SME Climate Hub, making good use of the SBEN Carbon Tracker. To this end, for the last three years we have offset our Scope 1 and 2 emissions plus corporate travel between our offices – and we aim to understand and reduce our Scope 3 emissions.
  • We are currently undertaking a solar panel project at our Stafford office. This installation will use maximum roof space available for tier one panels to enable 63W of power production saving approximately 20 tonnes of CO2 per year, relieving stress on the grid by feeding in an allowance set by Western Power. The system will allow us to use 80%+ of the power production while the offices are operational. Our goal is to not just ‘tick a green box’ but to maximise solar capabilities.
  • We also invest a portion of our retained advertisement revenue (retained earnings) into organisations that have a genuine intention to generate a tangible, beneficial social or environmental impact
  • When it comes to our members, we have a Green Cashback function on site which makes it easy for shoppers to find brands that support sustainable or ethical choices whilst earning cashback too. Please see below for more detail.
  • Additionally, our members are able to donate their cashback earnings to a charity of their choice. We have hundreds of options to help the environment and the planet such as Trees for Life, WWF and many more.

About Green Cashback

For members, we have implemented a function/category on called Green Cashback.

Green Cashback makes it easy for shoppers to find brands that support sustainable or ethical choices whilst earning cashback too.

As a company, TopCashback is always looking for ways to reduce its impact and do more for the environment. We know that many of our members feel the same way, which is why we have introduced this feature. We understand that it is the decision of the consumer how and where they spend their money, but our hope is that by adding this category to our site, we can make it easier for shoppers to discover brands that are committed to sustainable or ethical choices in some aspect of their business – and help them earn cashback too. After all, shopping shouldn’t cost the earth.

We use Ethical Consumer’s database mixed with our own research and criteria to determine which brands should sit in the Green Cashback category on TopCashback. Ethical Consumer is an independent, not-for-profit, multi-stakeholder cooperative with open membership.

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