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As well as the host of benefits already available through standard membership packages, Staffordshire Chambers also offers more specific support by working closely with a variety of sectors. These bespoke sector packages offer a support service specially tailored to each specific trade. 

The Chamber has strong working relationships and partnerships with key organisations from all across Staffordshire and is powerfully placed to formulate services relevant to businesses in a number of sectors.

Carefully designed to drive the growth of each specific sector,  packages include leading events, focus groups, training, mentorship and advice. Sector groups are united in a connected and vibrant network, encouraged to work in collaboration and grow together with the backing of bespoke support.

In addition, the Chamber helps bring local businesses from a cross section of industries together, providing members with exceptional networking opportunities and new and useful contacts on a regular basis.

The key sectors we are continuing to develop are as follows:

If you believe that your industry would benefit from a specific sector support group, let us know and see how you could grow. 

Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce

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