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Chamber Policy of Support

The Chamber, as a member of the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant, has fostered a policy of support for Reservists and demonstrated the importance of transferable military skills and standards appropriate to the civilian workplace. Reservists receive the equivalent of up to £18K per annum of high quality training, which is directly relevant to the civilian workplace. Employers also receive generous financial support for mobilised Reservists.

The Chamber is represented at county and regional levels by Mike Frewer. Mike is also a member of the Management Board of the West Midland Reserve Forces & Cadets Association (WMRFCA).

For more information or to ask any questions, please contact Tom Nadin.


Useful Links:

Army Covenant
The Corporate Covenant

The Corporate Covenant allows businesses to express support to the Armed Forces community and commit to ways of providing that support. 

Ministry of Defence

SaBRE provides general advice to employers and Reservists on everything from a Reservist's training obligations to an employer's legal rights and responsibilities. 


The RFEA are the experts in providing a job finding service to businesses which generates quality and sustainable employment outcomes for service leavers. 

Career Transition Partnership

The CTP provides resettlement services for those leaving the Armed Forces. It also operates as a service for employers wishing to hire service leavers. 

The Reserve Forces

Is one of your employees thinking of joining the Reserves? If so the MOD will provide additional financial support for small to medium sized employers. 

Reserve Forces' and Cadets' Association

The RFCA give advice and assistance to the Defence Council, and to the Army, Navy and Air Force on matters that concern Reserves and Cadets.

Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce

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