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Strengthening the Ceramic Sector

From designer makers to large manufacturers, the ceramics industry in Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire is renowned the world over.

The Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce is in a strong position to help those organisations involved in the industry by developing the future skills needs, signposting to support and funding, and offering events and training to create a strong and prosperous ceramic sector.

Ceramic Skills Academy

Are you looking for a career in the ceramics industry? 

The Ceramic Skills Academy is an information hub and educational and training resource for those working in and aspiring to work within the ceramic industry.  Owned and led by leading ceramics businesses, the programme has been part-funded by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills through the Growth and Innovation Fund.

CDL box
Ceramic Development Limited

Ceramic Development Limited is the strategic leadership needed to help to drive forward the ceramic sector and to make it a prosperous and growing industry in North Staffordshire.

We help organisations involved in the industry, including the supply chain, studio ceramicists and tourism companies, by signposting to available support and funding.


For more information on these projects contact Tom Nadin.

Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce

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