Stafford Borough Council Climate Change

By Councillor Jonathan Price

The need for climate action is increasing. At Stafford Borough Council we recognize this and have committed to becoming a carbon neutral authority by 2040.

Over the past few years, we have developed and delivered a range of initiatives which contribute to achieving net zero within Stafford Borough. We have installed solar panels on the roofs of our buildings, have replaced the cremators at Stafford Crematorium, and have installed electric vehicle charge points on our car parks. Now we are looking to go further.

Over the coming years, we will work with stakeholders, the community, and local businesses to identify ways in which can enable the transition to net zero in Stafford Borough. We will identify opportunities to increase the deployment of renewable energy infrastructure in the Borough, reducing the Borough’s reliance on fossil fuels. We will work with our recently formed Climate Change Community Panel to provide residents and local businesses with the tools and information they need to reduce their carbon emissions. We will focus on building resilience to the now unavoidable impacts of climate change through the development and delivery of a range of climate adaptation measures. We will work in partnership with stakeholders and partner organization to achieve the above.

More details of how we are delivering climate action, and how we are helping Stafford Borough to become more sustainable are set out on website, can be found here: (link: Climate Change and Green Recovery | Stafford Borough Council (

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