Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce launches new Business Manifesto ahead of General Election

Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce has launched our 2024 Business Manifesto to help address the region’s most pressing economic challenges.

Structured around five pivotal themes, the Manifesto outlines the targeted policy and lobbying work that we will follow to help enable economic growth across Staffordshire.

Under each theme, we have outlined the commitments that we will follow, while identifying key actions that we will seek from partners and stakeholders.

A copy of the Manifesto has been distributed to all local Parliamentary candidates and national political leaders ahead of the general election on 4 July.

Connected Staffordshire emphasises the county’s exceptional connectivity, with four major airports within an hour’s drive and 40% of the UK population within a two-hour drive.

The Manifesto calls for improved transport infrastructure, reduced congestion, and enhanced public transport to facilitate smoother movement of people and goods.

Digital Staffordshire addresses the critical role of digital technology in modern business operations. The Manifesto highlights the ongoing struggle with digital poverty and the significant threat posed by cyber-attacks. It stresses the importance of educating businesses on cybersecurity and maximising the benefits of new technologies.

Global Staffordshire encourages local businesses to engage in global trade despite the current volatility caused by post-pandemic, post-Brexit conditions, and supply chain disruptions.

Green Staffordshire focuses on sustainability and the importance of achieving net-zero aspirations. The Manifesto emphasises the need for businesses to adopt sustainable practices to combat climate change.

And finally, Skilled Staffordshire highlights the critical need for a skilled workforce. The Manifesto points out challenges in recruitment and retention, particularly in sectors like manufacturing and hospitality. It calls for more flexible workplaces, ongoing training, and upskilling to attract and retain a diverse talent pool, thereby preventing unnecessary workforce attrition.

Declan Riddell, Policy Adviser at Staffordshire Chambers, said: “Our Manifesto is a call to action for our local businesses and political leaders.

“By addressing these key themes, we can build a thriving, resilient economy in Staffordshire.”

Also timed in line with the General Election, Staffordshire Chamber will host the Parliamentary candidates for the Stoke-on-Trent Central constituency at their Commerce House offices next Friday, 28 June, for a business-focussed hustings event. Spaces for the event are free and can be booked here.

The full Manifesto is available online for public viewing.