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Catering solutions specialist Totally Delicious is fuelling productivity across a wide range of industries by transforming sterile staff rest areas with its very own Canteen Takeover.

It’s concession concept aims to help to feed the minds, bodies and souls of employees, resulting in a happier and healthier workforce.

Totally Delicious has already formed partnerships with a number of businesses in the midlands and north west by building and operating catering services within factories, offices and contact centres.

Occupying around 15 square metres, the new self contained units offer everything from hot drinks and snacks to nutritious balanced meals.

And by creating a separate ‘recharge’ area for staff downtime, Totally Delicious is helping clients to enhance their staff welfare offering, which is so topical right now for staff retention and productivity.

Managing director Dominic Bowers said: “The concessions model gives us the chance to offer businesses who have been put off by expensive fit out costs and disruptive commercial kitchen builds, it’s a genuine alternative to offering staff some added value at work.

“But it also allows businesses to serve up quality food to their teams on site. We formed Totally Delicious to challenge the mindset of what a canteen should be and I think this new concession concept is another step forward in helping us deliver on that goal.

“It is an ideal, self-contained solution for businesses that are growing quickly – such as finance, commerce and e-commerce operations. This type of client can expand rapidly and they then have to look at how they can look after their people with on-site, quality food facilities. The concession gives them a speedy, adaptable and cost-effective solution, quite often 50% less than traditional builds”

Concessions can also be built within 72 hours and open within a working week.

Operating costs roughly work out at the equivalent of £1 per member of staff per day, while the neat design of the concessions reduce any loss of valuable floorspace.

Dominic Bowers said: “More than 90 per cent of our normal menus will be provided from these concessions. The focus is on grilled, steamed or baked food for staff, it gives them healthier food options and simplifies the kitchen investment needed. The result is a healthier offering to staff and great value proposition to the employers.”

“Breakfasts dominate sales but then staff also want access to ‘graze and go’ with items such as coffees, drinks, impulse snacks, sandwiches, baguettes etc high on their lists. We also provide hot pasta and rice dishes so they can have nutritious proteins and carbs.”

The menus by Totally Delicious are already providing food for thought among its satisfied customers.

Dominic Bowers added: “One of the main goals of the restaurant concessions that we implement within businesses, is to provide staff with a contemporary, informal space in which to relax and connect with other employees.

“As a result our clients tell us that they have found that communication between their employees from all levels of their businesses increases dramatically, which has to be a good thing.

“For a management team, working with us not only means that they are investing in the wellbeing of their staff, but we also give them peace of mind from delivering a totally managed service.”


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