Do you want to learn more about the possibilities of exporting, all from the comfort of your desk?

Export Documentation and Administration

When you start selling overseas you’ll need to consider the paperwork and additional administration which is required prior to dispatching your orders. We will look at how compliance, customs, transport, VAT and sales reporting may differ overseas. In addition to this we also explore the all-important area of getting paid.

Export Pricing

Pricing your product or service overseas is critical if you are going to succeed in an international market. Costs to consider, market factors and strategies and considering who should pay for what are all covered in this essential module.

Intellectual Property

Protecting your intellectual property overseas is very important but are you aware of how IP differs overseas? This course is an introduction to protecting your IP in international markets and what you need to consider even before you start manufacturing or trading.

International Sales and Marketing

There is a lot to consider when marketing and selling your product or service to an international audience. From introducing your company in a new territory to considering sales and negotiations skills, this course is the perfect introduction to international sales and marketing.

Market Research and Selection

This course will cover how to identify the right markets for your product or service, the types of market research available and what you should be considering when conducting market research overseas.

Routes to Market

This module is an introduction to the different routes to market you should consider when trading overseas. In this session we look at the different routes to market and explore the benefits and drawbacks for each option.