Barriers to progression in life and work are felt disproportionately by women. From an “old boys’ club” mentality to stereotypes of a woman’s role and the non-recognition of commitment to personal and family responsibilities, women face many barriers in the world of business.

That’s why we’re excited to launch the Women, Work and Wellbeing Network. It’s a chance for women to come together in an activity led and relaxed forum that will explore what being a woman in business means both professionally and personally, how as a collective we can seek to reduce inequalities, provide a space to be bold, and build connections and confidence.

Members of the group will be able to network with likeminded people, make new goals, share resources, support the next generation of women in business to challenge inequalities, feedback to key influencers on challenges and how these could be addressed, and inspire and be inspired.

The network will see a variety of events throughout the year. This includes workshops on self-awareness and challenging self-limiting beliefs, social events such as a summer barbeque and Christmas party, and talks from inspirational speakers.

Fees for joining the network and accessing all network events, workshops and co working days are as follows.


£150 + VAT


£200 + VAT

For businesses wanting three or more places in the network, a discount of 15% will be offered.

We’re inviting individuals and businesses who sign up to the network to consider sponsoring a place in the network for a member of our Boosting Women in Business, Positive Pathways or Start Up programmes. This will provide a place in the network at a subsidised cost for those who may be from disadvantaged backgrounds and do not have the funding required themselves. There is also a range of corporate sponsorship opportunities available.