All of your staff members can now have their own account on the Staffordshire Chambers’ website. This will allow everyone to access the Virtual Members Lounge and book events as individuals. To allow us to switch to this new system, all accounts registered before 01/06/21 will be deleted from the website.

Importantly, we must have your details on our system otherwise you will not be allowed to register. This is particularly important for your staff members whose details are not on our system.

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Compliments and Complaints Policy

The Chamber’s BETTER values confirm the commitment to service excellence which is expected of all employees. This means that the Chamber strives to achieve the highest standards in everything it does; seeks to improve continuously and always demonstrates a commitment to equality and diversity.

The Chamber wishes to know when things do not go according to plan and will invite feedback about all aspects of service delivery to ensure high standards are maintained.

Appropriate best practice models such as ISO will be utilised to drive excellence and service improvement.

The Chamber welcomes both complaints and compliments as a valuable source of feedback and will ensure that all complaints are thoroughly investigated, and that appropriate action is taken to learn from them and prevent a repeat of the issue.

All complaints are recorded on a complaints form, logged on a complaints spreadsheet and will be reviewed by the CEO and a member of the Senior Management Team at various points throughout the process to ensure that they are investigated thoroughly, within specified deadlines, and that swift and effective action is taken wherever appropriate to address issues raised. The Chamber will endeavour to complete its investigations and inform the complainant of the outcome of these investigations within three weeks of receipt of the complaint. If this is not possible, we will contact the complainant to advise them of the delay.

As part of the Quality Review, the Management Team will consider details of any complaints which have been received, root cause, action taken as a result and speed of response.

The Chief Executive will inform the Chamber Board of any significant complaints and action taken.

The Chamber recognises the contribution of its employees in delivering excellent services and actively seeks feedback about levels of satisfaction.

All compliments and testimonials which are above and beyond the duties expected in an individual’s job role, are recorded on a compliments form and forwarded to the Chief Executive who will use them appropriately to praise and reward individuals, to promote Chamber services and to complement good practice elsewhere. Such compliments are kept on the individual’s staff file and will form evidence to be used in the individual’s annual appraisal.