Refer a Business

Refer a Business

Referring a business is simple and a successful referral could get you up to £100 free hospitality vouchers...


Refer a business

Use the contact form to refer a Staffordshire based business.


We use your referral and contact the business.


Upon a successful referral we will credit you with up to £100 in hospitality vouchers of your choice.*


Vouchers will only be issued, once the referred Member has joined and paid for a membership.

When the referred member has paid for a membership you will receive one of the below depending on the size of their business.
1-25 employees - £25 worth of vouchers
26-50 employees - £50 worth of vouchers
51-150 employees - £75 worth of vouchers
151 employees Plus - £100 worth of vouchers

The referring member will be able to choose from a selection of hospitality vouchers listed above.