Exclusive webinar to focus on how companies can successfully increase business growth by transforming their IT systems

Chamber member and IT specialist EPX Technical Services is to host a webinar for companies to learn more about growing their businesses safely and successfully.

The webinar, which will take place on June 6th at 2pm, will cover how to recognise the problems of a struggling IT infrastructure, the challenges faced in aligning IT systems with growth trajectory, and provide actionable insights and solutions to growth.

Places at the webinar, How To Update Your IT Infrastructure as You Scale Your Business to Ensure Success, can be booked here. Anyone who can’t make the webinar can sign up via the link and receive a recording they can view at their convenience.

Dan Ellis, CEO at EPX, said: “As a company expands, there is a danger that IT systems and processes are not fit for where the business is heading and can become significant barriers to furthering business growth – stifling innovation and hampering productivity.

“Growth is the goal of many businesses but there are problems that can arise with rapid growth which need to be managed correctly. Our Webinar on June 6th will look at how to scale a business successfully using appropriate operating systems.

“We will explore the challenges posed by inefficient systems and scalability constraints by providing an understanding of the root causes and identifying the solutions to overcome them. We will explain how businesses should be managing SOPs and how to protect assets during growth effectively.

“The session is designed to help companies revolutionise their approach to IT scalability – putting them in the best possible position to enjoy sustainable business success.”