Newcastle-Under-Lyme BID Receives Funding from Safer Streets Fund to Support Night Time Economy Businesses During Festive Period

Newcastle-under-Lyme City Centre surrounded by shops, marquees and many shoppers

Newcastle Under Lyme’s Business Improvement District (BID) has secured vital funding from the Police Commissioner’s Safer Streets Fund to bolster safety and support local businesses in the town centre during the festive period.

The funding will enable the deployment of First Aid Responders on key Saturday dates throughout November and December, to include Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, with the aim of alleviating pressure on essential resources, such as Staffordshire Police and Accident and Emergency Unit at Royal Stoke University Hospital.

The Police Commissioner’s Safer Streets Fund has recognised the importance of supporting local communities during the holiday season, particularly in high-traffic areas like Newcastle Under Lyme’s town centre.

The addition comes following positive feedback from night time economy businesses after a successful initiative by Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council that provides coverage on Friday evenings from the Women’s Safe Space on the Ironmarket.

This funding provided to the Newcastle Under Lyme BID will be instrumental in enhancing public safety and ensuring that both residents and visitors can enjoy a safe and enjoyable festive season.

Charlotte Pearce, manager of Newcastle-under-Lyme BID, expressed gratitude for the funding, saying, “We are incredibly thankful for the support provided by the Police Commissioner’s Safer Streets Fund who have also supported the BID in a community art project that focuses on Violence Against Women and Girls. This funding will be instrumental in ensuring that our town centre remains a safe and welcoming place during the festive period. The first aid responders will play a crucial role in providing assistance to those in need and supporting our local businesses. By doing so, we aim to ease the burden on our valued local resources, such as Staffordshire Police and staff at Royal Stoke.”

This initiative is an excellent example of collaboration between local organisations, law enforcement, and the local authority to create a safer and more prosperous community.

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