Staffordshire-based Top Online Partners Group makes multi-million investment in Highlands Rewilding project

Two colleagues at TopCashback

Staffordshire based Top Online Partners Group (TOPG), which owns the UK’s leading cashback site TopCashback, has invested £6million in Highlands Rewilding.

Highlands Rewilding is a project which seeks to rewild and re-people the Scottish Highlands by increasing carbon sequestration, growing biodiversity, creating green new jobs and generating sustainable profit for purpose.

The funds from Top Online Partners Group will be invested into the recent purchase of Highlands Rewilding’s third estate Tayvallich, a 1,300-hectare estate in Argyll, Scotland.

The investment will enable the restoration of temperate rainforest on the estate, which should absorb carbon dioxide thus removing it from the atmosphere.

The project also hopes to gain new understanding and data while restoring Scotland’s natural ecosystems. These new insights are expected to inform more effective land management for biodiversity.

Olly Ragg, chief executive and co-founder of Top Online Partners Group, said: “We are delighted to have provided the Highlands Rewilding Limited with financial support. The work Highlands Rewilding is hoping to achieve with the funding has exciting implications for climate and biodiversity.

“As a company we have always tried to have a positive impact in our local community as well as the rest of the UK.  This investment is the latest in a series of sustainability initiatives we are supporting, alongside our commitment to impact investing and our pledge to the Race To Zero Campaign.”

Dr Jeremy Leggett, chief executive and founder of Highlands Rewilding, said: “Top Online Partners Group’s investments have been vital in establishing Highlands Rewilding as one of the leading pioneers on the frontier of the embryonic nature-recovery industry. This is essential in an emerging market, if our children are to have a viable future, and full of potential for ethical profitability and job creation.”

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