Summary of Energy, Environment & Sustainability

Energy, Environment and Sustainability Forum

During the latest Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce Energy, Environment, and Sustainability Forum, a presentation on ‘The Great Greenwashing Crackdown’ was delivered. The presentation covered the concepts of greenwashing and greenhushing and explained the differences between carbon neutral and net zero. Case studies, including a tour by Coldplay, were used to highlight the importance of ethically reporting green credentials. The latest ASA guidance on carbon neutral and net zero claims was also discussed, emphasizing the need for clarity and transparency in reporting.

A recent presentation by Staffordshire Wildlife Trust on biodiversity in commercial developments was commended, and the possibility of inviting Gigi Hennessey as a speaker for a future forum was suggested.

Apologies and an update from the City Council were sent, highlighting progress in connecting the Goods Yard Development to the District Heat Network and other infrastructure upgrades.

An update from Keele University discussed the Smart Energy Network Demonstrator. The university has hosted numerous guests, including international visitors.

Disappointment in the recent LSIP findings was expressed, and the importance of giving energy issues higher priority for review as LSIP develops was discussed.

An update on behalf of Staffordshire University mentioned their participation in a webinar on tackling commuter emissions in higher education. The university’s representative will discuss this further at the Chambers’ Transport forum in July.

During the forum, an update from SBEN mentioned new sponsorships from Michelin and Steelite, enabling them to continue offering free services. The importance of SDG 6, clean water, and sanitation was discussed, focusing on recent news stories about water quality and sanitation issues in the UK and globally.

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