Summary of Social Value Forum

Social Value and Procurement Forum

During the latest Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce Social Value Forum, attendees welcomed new members and discussed various topics related to social value and sustainable development goals.

The chosen sustainable development goals for the month were Quality Education, Good Health and Wellbeing, and No Poverty. The forum addressed the impact of poverty on health and wellbeing in Staffordshire communities and explored ways businesses could get involved in initiatives like “Stronger together through winter.” They discussed the rising demand for food banks and how employers could support their employees to alleviate pressure on these resources.

The Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) was introduced by Suzanne Quinn, aiming to reshape skills training to meet local employers’ needs. The LSIP process involves engaging with stakeholders, including employers, colleges, universities, and learners to understand their needs. Key findings included the need for more focus on Business Admin Level 2 training and supporting older workers returning to work.

The forum discussed the importance of work experience for young people and the need for schools, colleges, and universities to publicize the success stories of past students to inspire current students. They also explored the significance of social value in procurement and the challenges and best practices in integrating social value into procurement processes. The Responsible Business Scheme was mentioned as a way to support businesses in ensuring a sustainable supply chain and committing to social value.

Overall, the forum explored various ways to address social and community needs through collaboration between businesses and local stakeholders.

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