We’re changing the way that business news is delivered across Staffordshire!

Daily Focus logo.

Something exciting is coming to your inbox! Daily Focus is a brand-new business news service for Staffordshire delivered to tens of thousands of inboxes every weekday morning.

Replacing the current Chamber newsletter, Daily Focus will be a source of the most up-to-date business news and comment from across Staffordshire – supported by a team of journalists with a combined 110 years of industry experience.

With a changing local media landscape, Daily Focus, created in partnership with i.creation, will deliver a free daily business news service that’s constructive, impartial and champions the success in our area.

We need you!

To contact the news desk and submit your stories for publication, you can email the Daily Focus team on news@daily-focus.co.uk

To subscribe to Daily Focus, which will start to reach mailboxes between now and January, please click here.

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