Yes, but please keep in mind of your allocated stand space and electric usage. Equipment stored at the halls overnight will be done so at the owners risk

When you select your stand space on the floor plan, please select your stands next to each other. A charge per stand will still be issued.

The company names of the exhibitors stands can be viewed on the exhibitor list on the website.

You will receive full list of the exhibitors in a booklet format on the day.

There is a train station adjacent to the racecourse, once you come in from the platform, a side gate to the racecourse is accessible, the halls are a short walk from here.

Once you have booked your stand on the website, you will then receive an email confirmation. A Health and Safety Risk Assessment form is required to be completed and returned, once this paperwork is received by us your stand booking becomes fully confirmed.

Exhibition stands should be manned at all times, therefore we advise that you bring more than one representative from your organisation.

Yes, Wednesday 11th October 12.00-17.00pm

If it is feasible to set up the day before, we encourage this, but if it’s a problem (location etc) we require all exhibitors to be set up by 9am on the day of the show (Thursday 12th October).

Please note no vehicles will have any access to the halls on the day of the show.

All exhibitors will have access to the halls from 8.00am onwards and need to be set up for 9am.

Refreshments and networking will be available for you from 8 am.

Your allocated space will be one standard table of length 6ft x 2ft Height 2.6ft. *please note that your banner should NOT exceed your allocated space or you may be asked to remove this*

Table cloth, two chairs, Wi-Fi, (codes available on the day) and access to electric will be provided for you.

Please keep appliances to a maximum of 13 Amp, as not too overload the electric mains supply. We can also arrange to remove the table and chairs should you not require them; we can do this when you arrive to setup.

Lunch and tea and coffee for two people will be included in the price. If you require any more lunch vouchers, these will carry an extra charge of £28 per person.

Unfortunately stand allocation is to its maximum on the day, so this will not be possible.


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