Finest Focus – Chris Beeston

Finest steering group member and Director at Geens Chartered Accountants.

I’m Chris Beeston, a Director at Geens Chartered Accountants. We are based in Stoke and are well known on the local business scene, having been around as accountants since 1884. But don’t let our proud history influence you, we’re not old fashioned, stuffy accountants and we’ve successfully moved to the brave new world of digital services.

Geens offers a full range of accountancy services for all kinds of companies and charities. Our team can provide a dedicated partner to assist with payroll services, VAT advice, financial management, general accountancy services, company secretarial, business planning, audit and regulation, business and personal tax, trusts and estates, inheritance and capital gains tax, financial planning and general tax advice.

I joined the Board at Geens as Tax Director in 2017 when I was just 26-years-old. Most recently, I was elected as President of the ICAEW for the area covering Staffordshire, Shropshire and Wolverhampton and representing 1,800 Chartered Accountants nationally and internationally.

I specialise in tax planning, trusts and estates and I’m highly motivated to help my clients to plan future financial security for themselves and their families.

Geens have supported Finest for many years and we know the value of maintaining good relationships on the business scene in Staffordshire. Finest helps us to keep in touch with other professionals and can lead to new client recommendations and potential for productive collaborations with other professionals. This adds value to all involved.

Joining the steering group of Finest allowed me to grow that influence further, forging stronger bonds and helping to plan high value learning and networking opportunities for our professional network. Stoke-on-Trent’s crest has the motto “Vis Unita Fortior” and this translates to “United Strength is Stronger”, a perfect summation of what networking should be about.

If you want to get in touch, please contact me via email at, telephone 01782 847952.

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