Mediation Services

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Resolve your business disputes today through The Chamber Mediation Service.

Disputes can be incredibly stressful, time-consuming and costly if taken to Court. Mediation involves an independent third party, called a mediator, who helps both sides to reach an agreement meaning that you won’t need to go to Court. Because of this Mediation is considerably cheaper and faster.

It also helps to maintain business relationships. There are occasionally disagreements between businesses where both sides want to reach an agreement and maintain an ongoing working relationship. Mediation is a proven way to successfully resolve the issue while maintaining the relationship.

The purpose of this innovative scheme is to help businesses resolve their commercial disputes quickly and cheaply. The cost of the mediation will be about the same as filing a claim and when successful, saves the businesses the cost of instructing a solicitor. Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce is partnering with law firms across the region to deliver
this scheme and Else Solicitors is delighted to be one of the founding partners of the scheme.

The Chamber Mediation Service recognises the opportunity for businesses with or without lawyers at an early stage to engage in the Mediation process to attempt resolution.

If you have a dispute or are involved in a dispute and you wish to use this Service please call 01782 202222.

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