Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving

For some, when it comes to selecting a vehicle with the aim of lowering our carbon footprint, all electric fits the bill, however, what if an electric vehicle is out of the question for us at this time, what can we do to lower our carbon footprint with our existing petrol or diesel vehicle, well, it’s all about adopting a safe and fuel-efficient driving style, here are some hints and tips:

• Don’t carry any more weight in the vehicle than necessary, empty the boot of heavy items, remove roof racks and cycle bars and only top you fuel tank up with what you need, why drag a tank full of heavy fuel around unnecessarily?

• Don’t turn off the vehicles auto ‘stop/start’ function, every minute with the engine off is less pollution and more pennies in your pocket

• Go easy on the gas pedal, look well ahead, accelerate gently and progressively, looking out for those places where you can see a stop coming up, try and arrive as the situation is clearing, we call this slow to flow, a brilliant technique to adopt, especially at roundabouts

• Reduce speed slightly, this will save fuel, lower emissions and not impact adversely on your overall journey time

• Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front, try and maintain a steady flow, remember, every time you brake just to accelerate again, is wasting fuel

The art of safe and fuel-efficient driving is all about being the master of awareness, anticipation and forward planning. Ask ‘what if’, then fill in the blanks to situations you encounter ahead, this way nothing will take you by surprise. Play a game while driving, by this I mean, imagine you are driving and you don’t have brake pedal, you are going to have to be the master of forward observations and coming off the accelerator pedal early, oh, this is exactly the style of driving electric vehicle drivers adopt to maximise range! Why not give it a go?


Blog written by Adrian Hide Consultancy

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