Trade Credit Insurance

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Protect your income on overseas trading.

Whether you are trading in the UK, established internationally, or expanding into new markets, cash flow is a critical element of your commercial well-being. Issuing an invoice to your business customers does not guarantee payment on time.

Chamber Credit Insurance helps protect your business from bad debts and late payments and supports you when invoices are not paid. You can minimise your risk when exploring new markets and gain access to market expertise from Euler Hermes, the world’s largest credit insurer. Protection in three easy steps:

• The Chamber Credit Insurance team will work with you to set appropriate credit limits for your customers

• If there is a serious delay in payment from one of your customers, you will receive assistance in collecting the debt where appropriate, through the collections service

• If the debt is not collectable, for example because of insolvency, then your claim will be processed swiftly to ensure that your cash flow is not adversely affected.

Special offer for all Chamber members: Members can access 10 free credit limit opinions with Chamber Credit Insurance. With a value of £250, your 10 free credit limit opinions will allow you to immediately see the creditworthiness of new and existing customers.

You can use your free credit limit opinions to assess domestic or international customers and prospects – and gain valuable insights for your sales and marketing strategies.

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